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Welcome to Hypnotic Impact!

We’re a Perth- and Fremantle- based mental health provider that specialises in hypnotherapy. Jorg Thonnissen Psychologist and Hypnotherapist (Hypnotherapy North Perth) and Barbara Saba Counselor and Hypnotherapist (Hypnotherapy Fremantle) have combined forces to implement the most modern and progressive hypnotherapy-based behavioural interventions available today. Our clients have found effective and dramatic change in their lives to be a real possibility using hypnotherapy as a treatment option.

How can Hypnotherapy Help?

Modern hypnotherapy provides solutions for a wide range of common life-adjustment issues. Whether you want to overcome general anxiety, depression, weight issues, low self-esteem, performance problems or a lack of motivation there’s a good chance hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy is also effective in addressing some more serious issues, including phobias and psychosomatic problems such as psychogenic pain. We have a shared vision of facilitating substantive, sustainable and life-affirming changes for our clients with a range of both common and uncommon complaints.

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What makes us different ? 

Our approach to hypnotherapy aims to align subconscious thinking with conscious thinking, eliminating internal mental conflicts that may lie at the heart of undesired behaviours. Whilst we practice a sound implementation of hypnosis as taught by the “old masters” of the art, we also integrate a modern, effective and unique methodology known as 5-PATH ®. Developed by the highly esteemed psychotherapist Cal Banyan, 5-PATH ® combines a variety of modern techniques chosen for their lasting effect on individuals that have undergone treatment.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on what we offer. Our Services section also contains a more complete listing of the range of services we provide and conditions we cater for.

What Issues Can Be Treated With Hypnotherapy ?

Weight loss, Relationship Counselling, Stop Smoking, Weight Maintenance, Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Grief, Personal/Relationships, Insomnia, Sleep problems, Confidence & Self-esteem, Pain Relief, Motivation, Phobias, Pregnancy/Hypno-birthing, Trauma, Addictions, OCD, Nail Biting, Anger Management, Stress, Procrastination, Social Anxiety.

FAQS : Depression, Phobias, Anxiety

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 15th to 20th September 2014 (STILL AVAILABLE)- Jorg Thonnissen (registered psychologist) and Dee Tozer (registered psychologist)  will facilitate MINDFULNESS RETREATS in BALI INDONESIA open to MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS  (maximum 14 attendees). This professional development retreat will give you 30 points – 10 hour Peer Supervision – 20 hour Generalist points

Please visit http://www.deep-impact-retreats.com for more information


Locations North Perth & Fremantle:

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North Perth Hypnotherapy

Registered Psychologist Jorg Thonnissen
(B.Psych., M.A. Psych., Cert. Hyp. MAPS)
79 Eton St, North Perth, 6006

Phone – 08 6460 3531
Mobile – 0411 696 693

Fremantle Hypnotherapy

Counsellor Barbara Saba
(M.H.C., Grad. Dip. H C., Dip. Ed., Cert. Hyp., Training Officer for PHWA)
Mobile – 0415 536 580

Jorg  (Hypnotherapy Perth Region) and Barbara (Hypnotherapy Fremantle Region)

For EMERGENCY phone numbers and web links see further below:

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