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Psychologist & Hypnotherapist Jorg Thonnissen

My Approach

I believe that we are beings of great depth and complexity. As such, I believe in the use of hypnotherapy & psychology to offer one of the most effective interventions to many mental or behavioural deadlocks as it deals with the subconscious part within us.

In simple terms, the subconscious mind is considered to be that part within us where most of our deep seated emotional ’baggage’ lies. For example, it is easy for us to think that we ‘should’ be able to stop smoking, start exercising, loose weight, not get angry, or have fear, etc., but when it comes to doing something about it, many times our feeling just won’t support the thought, and we find ourselves internally conflicting, with our feelings usually getting the upper hand.

Consequently, it appears that we need to shift something residing much deeper within us to successfully bring thought and feeling into alignment.

Thus, it is my view that once my clients have clearly defined what they consciously wish to change with the assistance of mostly cognitive behavioral methods, hypnotherapy & psychology can be of immense value as it provides an opportunity to reinforce the desired changes on a subconscious level.

Ethical and Confidential

Trust, respect and confidentiality is very important when dealing with peoples innermost feelings and emotions. As a proud member of the Australian Psychological Society I adhere to a strict code of ethics. The prescribed standards of the code assures the highest level of client confidentiality and proper conduct in client interaction.

This said, I’d like to invite you to check out the variety of psychological services I provide and see if I can be of any assistance to your needs.


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