Executive Coaching

In organizational psychology Executive Coaching refers to the facilitation of professional and personal development and growth with the aim of achieving maximum performance.

Thus, without losing too many words, through my long ranging background and history in business and industrial/organizational psychology and my philosophical orientation I feel I have a lot to offer to those who wish to achieve their full potential whether you are seeking to:

  1. achieve your specific professional goal,
  2. struggle with your career transition,
  3. seek to improve your skills in interpersonal and professional communication,
  4. greater organizational effectiveness,
  5. better management of your career,
  6. better address personal changes/challenges,
  7. developing a greater executive presence,
  8. enhance your strategic thinking,
  9. deal more effectively with conflict,
  10. build an effective team within your organization,

I am confident I can be of assistance in getting you effectively to where you need to be. I will do so by not only using the traditional methods defined in organizational and clinical psychology but also use powerful hypnosis techniques to enhance the process which is accompanied by a great online support system so that you will stay on target.

My credentials for making such statements?

Please go to http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jorg-thonnissen/41/b34/61a to find out about my professional background in running my own fully managed organization for the past 20 years, my knowledge and expertise in organizational psychology gained from me working within a variety of other organizations, my philosophical orientation, my publications, as well as my many other qualifications and experiences that have contributed to me being confident enough to offer my services to you.

After having done your research (and I really think you should before making a decision) and having decided that this might be for you, contact me via email at wac@iinet.net.au or on one of the phone numbers in the contact sections of this website to discuss your needs. My rates for this type of coaching is $500 per session. Needless to say that my services are completely confidential and are provided in line with the APS ethical guidelines.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Jorg Thonnissen

Registered Psychologist (B.Psych., M.A. Psych., Cert. Hyp. MAPS)

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