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Vision Board workshop



For info, please do not hesitate to contact Barbara, at:

Create Your Life Vision Board - 4 March 2018 workshop in Fremantle
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Our first workshop was very successful. We are getting ready for the second one on Sunday 4 March 2018. For info, please do not hesitate to contact Barbara at:
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  1. Belle says:

    I attended Barbara’s ( Hypnotic Impact) Vision Board workshop on the 3rd of February.

    The workshop exceeded my expectations in terms of what I achieved personally with regards to identifying my short term and long term goals; and developing an action plan for making them happen.

    I found the small group size meant that I was able to connect individually with the other attendees. Articulating my goals and dreams to the other participants was somehow easier than expressing them to my friends and family. And as I learnt, expressing even our craziest dreams is the first step in achieving them!

    I left the session asking myself why I hadn’t seen the path to achieving my dreams sooner. Over the days after the course the steps I needed to take in order to achieve what I wanted became clearer and clearer.

    To top the day off, the catering for morning and afternoon tea was beyond amazing!

    I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to tap into their highest life goals and dreams; and develop a framework through which to work towards achieving them.

    Belle, 36

  2. Heidy says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed last Saturdays’ workshop; Create Your Life Vision Board.
    This was a great introduction on how to create my Vision Board.
    The information you provided with the PowerPoint was very interesting and clear. There were so many things I felt were applicable to me and it made me very aware of what it is I need to do to work towards my goals. It was handy to be able to write some notes on the handouts while you were talking.
    It was also really good to hear the stories from you and the other participants as to how their previous Vision Boards have had an impact on their lives, how they have become true.
    You created a relaxed atmosphere in the room which allowed for an open conversation and a productive positive energy in the room, with everyone being helpful.
    The Be-Do-Have Dreamscape clarified a lot for me and made it easier to know what my focus needs to be and what pictures to look for.
    I learned so much and like to thank you Barbara for sharing your knowledge and being a caring person.


  3. Francesca says:

    This workshop was a surprise for me! I never thought that doing a Vision Board could be so hard. In fact, I used to do this kind of collages when I was little, and I thought that was easy and maybe unnecessary to participate to a workshop to do such a thing. However I have to admit that without Barbara’s guidance I would not be able to do it so effectively.
    I thought that it was so easy to put down your dreams and goals. But to set your goals you need to actually go through a deep reflection on your life and on what you want to achieve. Barbara first explained how the brain works, illustrated all the fears that can stop us from succeeding, and told us how we can help direct our will. Then she guided us into a very relaxing meditation that made us detached from our life and daily commitments. After liberating the brain we just immersed ourselves in the many magazines provided, and cut any picture we found relevant to our goals. After hours of doing this I could not stop as I was in a space without dimensions. In fact I wasn’t really thinking, I was just following my instinct, my passions and my needs. At the end, gluing all the clipping on the card board felt like saying to myself: “Yes, I am going to achieve all this!”
    Furthermore, I would like to thank all the participants to be so open and joyful. We are a great team and I am sure we will be successful on any endeavour and we will share our victorious experience soon.
    Very recommended. Worth it the money and the time!
    Thank you, Barbara.


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