How hypnotherapy functions at a cellular level

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By Jorg Thonnissen (2010) Registered Psychologist

Many people ask me if our thoughts can truly affect our body. I guess because I have just so firmly come to accept this, that it still surprises me that one should think that this may not be so. In fact, our mind has the power to affect our cells in a most fundamental way. For this to happen we don’t even have to be in a hypnotic state. For instance, the mind can select specific cells and ignore others. For those of us who find this hard to believe, let me outline a few scenarios where this becomes quite clear.

For example when walking down a restaurant strip we may encounter the smell that reminds us of our favourite food and this stimulus makes us salivate and if the desire is strong enough we may stop by and buy one of those seemingly irresistible food items. Now…if we simply keep walking and thus get out of reach of the stimulus this desire would eventually come to pass and salivation stop. Looking at it from this perspective, we can say that the mere thought of food (instigated by the smell which we associate with the food) has influenced us on a cellular level to display a physiological response.

Similarly, the mother of an infant hearing a baby cry will automatically lactate even if the baby crying is not hers. This process operates on a subconscious level without the mother even needing to be aware of it. Likewise, the mere thought of sexual activity can potentially arouse us without physical sexual stimulation needing to be present.

So, one could easily argue that thoughts are most definitely influential on the physiology of the body. Thus, it is no surprise that many people believe that our thoughts have the power to substantially alter the course of illness and disease. If the right sort of suggestions is given, the body will actively respond.

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